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Legal disclaimer
These Terms of Use must be read carefully before using this website. By accessing and using this website and its materials, you are fully accepting and complying with these terms. If you do not accept these terms, you should immediately leave this site and stop further use of any materials obtained from this site.
       1. Copyright and content usage. The copyright and other rights of the materials on this website are owned by Fuyi Intelligent Instrument (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Fuyi Intelligent Instrument”). Fuyi Intelligent Instrument hereby authorizes you to view, download and copy the materials on this website for internal information purposes, subject to the following conditions.
       1) retain all statements in the original material;
       2) Use only the image with the relevant text;
       3) The following copyright notice is included: You may not use any content of this website as the content of another website, whether by hyperlink frame or other means on the Internet. This website and its contents may not be used to create any form of database, nor may it be stored (in whole or in part) in a database for use by you or any third party or to distribute a library containing all or part of the content of the website or website.
       2. Additional terms and notices available for use. Additional terms and conditions will apply to commercial transactions or any promotions by Fuyi Intelligent Instrument via this website. Chat rooms and/or other communication or communication devices are subject to additional terms and conditions through any bulletin board services provided on this website. Nothing contained in this Legal Information Webpage will change or modify any valid agreement between you and Efficient Smart Instruments.
       3. disclaimer. The information contained in this website is provided "as-is" only for internal consultation purposes without any commitment or guarantee of accuracy or completeness of the information or any other form of guarantee, including quality, marketability, suitability for a particular purpose or any implied guarantee of non-aggression. In any case, any direct, indirect, accidental, special or consequential damage caused by the use of this website or any other information or information obtained through this website or any other hyperlinks to the website shall include, but not be limited to, any loss of interest or business interruption.Or the loss of data, even if the Fuyi Intelligent Instrument is clearly informed of the possibility of damage, the intelligent instrument will not bear any liability to anyone to the maximum extent permitted by law. Implied warranties and commitments are not allowed to be exempted from certain jurisdictions, so the aforementioned disclaimer may not apply to you. The information on this website may contain errors in technology or printing, so Fuyi Intelligent Instrument can change, update or delete any information without further notice. Any products and procedures mentioned in this website information, Fuyi Intelligent Instrument can be improved and modified at any time.Fuyi Intelligent Instrument does not guarantee that the operation of this website is not disturbed or there are no errors or shortcomings to be corrected. Fuyi Intelligent Instrument does not guarantee compatibility of this website with your computer equipment, or that the website and its servers are error-free or do not produce viruses, worms or "Trojan Horses", and Fuyi Intelligent Instrument does not bear any damage caused by these damages. The information on this website may contain errors in technology or printing, so Fuyi Intelligent Instrument can change, update or delete any information without further notice.In addition, Fuyi Intelligent Instrument does not provide any form of commitment or guarantee for users to connect to other websites through this website.The website connection service provided by Fuyi Intelligent Instrument is purely designed for the convenience of users. Users may not assume that Fuyi Intelligent Instrument provides any guarantee for these websites or any content thereof.
       4.  Provide information to the Fuyi Intelligent Instrument. Fuyi Intelligent Instrument does not intend to obtain confidential or proprietary information from users through this website unless the user and Fuyi Intelligent Instrument have reached another written agreement to share such information.
           In addition to the user's personal identity information contained in the Privacy Protection Policy of the Fuyi Intelligent Instrument Company, any information collected by the Fuyi Intelligent Instrument Company through this website will be regarded as non-confidential.
By using this website or other electronic means of transmission to provide information to Fuyi Intelligent Instrument without any written agreement with Fuyi Intelligent Instrument on this matter, it means that users have agreed that Fuyi Intelligent Instrument can use information for any purpose without responsibility. If the user wants to get information about how to provide ideas to the Fuyi Intelligent Instrument, please click "Contact us".
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