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Magnetic float level gauge

The FFL500 magnetic float liquid level gauge adopts the display of the vacuum panel and the LCD liquid crystal to make the liquid level measurement and control in the working condition simple and easy to understand.
  • FFL500-Z type

  • FvLuoky

  Main Feature

☉ Display: LCD liquid crystal and vacuum panel display liquid level

 Accuracy: ± 10mm

 A variety of float material selection

 Explosion-proof cast aluminum housing

 Single and double panel rulers make the liquid level more visible

 4-20mA and switching control with HART and RS485 communication


Measuring range                


Medium density                

0.5 to 2.0 g/cm3                


±1.5% fs (measurement range is greater than 1000mm                

Medium viscosity                

≤0.8pa s 3pa s                

power supply                


Explosion-proof class                

Exd IIC T4-6                

Power consumption                


Shell protection                


output signal                

4~20ma two-wire system                

Connection flange standard                

Adopting the Ministry of Chemical Industry hg20593-97 dn100 pn1.0 convex surface                

Working pressure                

1.6 Mpa 2.5Mpa                

Flange standard manufacturing, other standards please indicate.                

Standard type                


Electrical Interface                

2 m20*1.5 internal threads                

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