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Display type - temperature transmitter

FT100 intelligent two-wire temperature transmitter. By connecting the sensor's RTD, thermocouple and other input signals, and linearizing the input signal, the 4-20mA standard signal and HART protocol are output.
  • FT100-X type
  • FvLuoky

  Main Feature

☉ Output: 4 - 20mA two-wire system with HART protocol

Configuration: DIP switch + PC programmable (with software)

Accuracy:0.2% or 0.2K

Stability:0.1 ° C / year or 0.05% / year

☉ Lightning protection: ±4000V (≤5 times)

☉ Anti-pulse: ±3000~4000V

☉ Temperature drift: 0.008% FS I/1 ° C

Explosion-proof cast aluminum housing is waterproof to IP67

☉ Product safety performance reaches SIL2 level



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