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company profile

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company profile

company profile

Founded in 2011, FVLUOKY (hereinafter referred to as: FVLUOKY) is an international company dedicated to the development and production of industrial measurement instruments such as temperature, pressure, flow, level instruments, etc. In the field of industrial measurement has nearly 10 years of rich application experience, can provide users with one-stop measurement solutions; at the same time, it can also be customized for users for harsh application site.

In 2017, FVLUOKY and Hong Kong FLOWX Intelligent Technology Group Holdings Co., Ltd. cooperated to introduce the advanced measurement technology and products of FVLUOKY into the Chinese market. FLOWX Intelligent Technology Group Holdings Co., Ltd. of Hong Kong established FUYI intelligent instrument (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. At the initial stage of its establishment, the company was mainly responsible for the promotion, sales and after-sales service of FVLUOKY brand and products in Greater China.

In 2019, FUYI intelligent instrument (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will introduce the assembly and testing of FVLUOKY products into China. Adhering to the design and service concept of FVLUOKY, more than ten product series of temperature, pressure, flow and level instruments have been formed in Greater China, and have passed ISO, CE, SIL product quality standard system certification.

FUYI intelligent instrument (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. products and services include municipal sewage, urban water supply and drainage, environmental protection engineering and monitoring, water conservancy engineering, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, petroleum, papermaking, printing and dyeing, electronics, seawater desalination and other industries.

Based on the action concept of " Merit Trust, Forge Ahead ", FUYI intelligent instrument (Shanghai) co., ltd. adheres to the core concept of science and technology, innovation and professionalism. We will try our best to create value for customers with high quality products and services and help them achieve remarkable achievements.

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